Why did war break out in 1914 essay

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Why did war break out in 1914?

Even though the terrorists were not connected to the Serbia government. Until the early s, Britain was more concerned about Russia and France than Germany. Serbia and her ally Russia were furious but there was no war as a result. The assassination leads to the First World War breaking out.

Inthe French and the Russians formed their own strong alliance the dual entente that meant Germany had an unfriendly power on each side.

This would allow Russian warships and trading ships to sail easily around Europe. The problem was that the Dardanelles were owned by Turkey. Even when German troops invaded France and Belgium as a part of the Schlieffen Plan, Britain did not have to go to war. Everyone knew that if Russia attacked Austria - Hungary, then the alliance system meant that Germany and France could be pulled into the war as well.

Also Franz Ferdinand dieing did not help in fact it triggered of the great war because, Austria - Hungary blamed Serbia, even though it had nothing to do wit Serbia.

Inwar broke out in Europe between the most powerful countries. Within hours, Britain declared war on Germany. For years he had wanted an attack on Serbia or Italy, and this was the excuse he needed. The German army wanted to invade and defeat France without causing a full scale war.

I think this because, Austria - Hungary took over the province of Bosnia, which happened to contain many Serbs. This plan showed that the Germans were ready for war, something that would cause a lot of tension and displeasure within European countries.

InBritain, Russia and France signed an agreement to not sign for peace separately. Many European countries were trying to win land in Africa.

Within a few more days, Britain, France and Russia the allies were all officially at war with Germany and Austria - Hungary the central powers.

The foreign secretary, sir Edward grey, spent much of the summer of furiously trying to reassure Russia and Germany and prevent a war happening.Why did the First World War break out in ? In this essay I will be outlining the key points in why the First World War broke out in 19 Many people tend to say "Because Archduke Ferdinand got shot." Still others have blamed it on the increased independence and.

Why did war break out in 1914?

So there was a war between two countries and then all these other countries join to defend the countries in their alliances. Box 8 then links to the middle because the wars between the alliances became the First World War.

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Why did war break out in 1914

Why did war break out in ? What was the most important cause?

Why did a European war break out in the summer of 1914? Essay

The World War 1 (WW1) breaks out the 28 June and ended on the 11 November The WW1 opposed the Triple Entente; France, Russia and Britain to the Central Powers; Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. How did World War 1 break out in ? World War 1 was one of the greatest wars ever recorded in the history of mankind.

It was the first war that directly involved many countries worldwide, and better still, influenced the lives of many people profoundly. There are many reasons to why the war broke out.

Why Did World War One Break Out in 1914

Why did war break out in  Why did war break out in The War of began in August There are various reasons as to why the war started, and everyone has been debating what the main cause was for years.

Why did war break out in 1914 essay
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